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How much could be raised by introducing a Late Night Levy?

PCC candidate Martin Schmierer discussing the Late Night Levy with local residents and councillors on Prince of Wales Road, Norwich

One of Martin’s key policies, if elected, would be to introduce a “late night levy”, which allows local areas to charge businesses that supply alcohol late into the night for the extra enforcement costs that the night-time economy generates for police and licensing authorities.

At the moment, we only have estimates about how much this could raise in Norfolk, but it seems clear that £100,000s could be generated by implementing this measure, given what has happened in other areas where such a levy has been introduced. Continue reading “How much could be raised by introducing a Late Night Levy?”

Greens call for Late Night Levy introduction

Speaking with residents and the local councillor about introducing a late night levy in Norwich

The Green Party’s Police and Crime Commissioner candidate, Martin Schmierer, has called on local councils to introduce a “Late Night Levy” across Norfolk.

It has been estimated that £100,000s could be raised in this way, which would be split between the Norfolk Constabulary and the local councils. Continue reading “Greens call for Late Night Levy introduction”

Tackling stress among police officers

I was deeply concerned by the BBC’s recent finding that cases of UK police officers and staff taking long-term sick leave for psychological reasons had risen by 35% over the last five years.

Despite the fact that police numbers have fallen, the number of days taken off has risen drastically. Currently there are 6,129 incidences of officers being put on sick leave for psychological reasons whereas 5 years ago the figure was just over 4,500. There was also reportedly a steady increase in overall long-term sick leave.  Continue reading “Tackling stress among police officers”

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