Why it was important the Green Party stood at this election

pcc ballot paper
This is roughly what the ballot paper in Norfolk will look like on 5th May

I am only one of seven Green Party Police and Crime Commissioner candidates at the next set of elections in May and I think it is vital that the Green Party did have some presence in these elections, not only because it ensures that Green members/ supporters can vote for a party they believe in, but mainly as it allows the Green Party to promote its progressive vision on issues, such as crime and justice.

If the Green Party were not to have stood across the UK, the party would have been denied any voice in these debates and here in Norfolk (a traditionally very conservative county), the debate would likely focus on quite reactionary policies and proposals. Instead, I am able to promote views about greater transparency in the police force, tackling issues surrounding the late night economy zone, prioritising unreported or under-reported crimes, such as domestic violence and rural thefts, dealing with mental health related issues and a host of other policies.

I appreciate why the Green Party was reticent to stand in PCC elections both in 2012 and this year. As it happens, I was not comfortable with creation of these positions and still question their necessity. Indeed, I feel PCCs have too much power and the extra bureaucratisation and politicisation of the Police Force is something which we as a party should oppose. However, without fielding a candidate it is unlikely that the Green Party would have had a platform to air these views…