Why I want to become Norfolk’s next PCC

As a local councillor in Norwich and the deputy leader of the largest group of Green councillors in the UK, I constantly engage with residents and understand what it means to be accountable to the public. As Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk, I would act as an efficient conduit between local residents and the constabulary, and would seek to involve communities more in decision-making.GPLogoWithStrapGREEN72dpi

I have lived in Norfolk since 1994 and have a good understanding of the issues facing the county. I oppose government austerity and cuts to police services; however, I would work hard within existing budget constraints to protect the services that most directly affect communities. I would work to introduce a “late night levy” for licensed premises to fund the additional policing required in areas such as Prince of Wales Road in Norwich.

I will continue to advocate tax increases to protect police services, especially the Police and Community Support Officers (PCSOs), who provide an important link between community and constabulary.

If elected, I intend to:

  • Award more small grants to community projects which improve safety in their local area

  • Protect rural policing, ensuring that resources aren’t solely focused on urban areas

  • Encourage the establishment of more neighbourhood watch schemes, especially in rural areas

  • Hold surgeries across the county to ensure that residents are able to contact their PCC more easily

  • Ensure that more is done to tackle “hidden” crime such as domestic violence, which is often under-or-unreported, as well as revictimisation (where victims of crime are more likely to be targeted again).

I would of course be delighted to get feedback from residents in Norfolk so that together we can ensure that our police force is a supportive, visible presence in which we can all trust.